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Deep tech sees BIG 2023: Speech by Cyril VIDAL

During his presentation at BIG 2023, Cyril Vidal, DBA holder from the Business Science Institute, shared the conclusions and advancements stemming from his doctoral work.

Here is a synthesis of the key elements discussed during his presentation:

  1. New World of Digital Trust: Cyril Vidal highlighted the emergence of a new world, a result of his doctoral research at the Business Science Institute, profoundly influenced by digital trust. This new paradigm is built upon a radical transformation of relationships between individuals and organizations, facilitated by advancements in information and communication technologies. In this world, digital trust becomes a fundamental pillar for interaction, transactions, and exchanges.

  2. Digital Trust Issue: Dr. Vidal, in the course of his doctoral research, identified and analyzed the central issue of digital trust, especially in the notarial domain. When it comes to digitally signing a document, a major question arises: how to establish and guarantee this trust between the parties involved in the transaction? Current software provides information security, but they do not sufficiently address this fundamental question.

  3. Research and Rethinking the Notary Function: Drawing from his in-depth research at the Business Science Institute, Cyril Vidal conducted extensive research to reconsider the historical function of a notary in this emerging context of digital trust. He explored how the notary could become a key player as a digital trust third party by combining various disciplines such as management sciences, law, and computer science. This interdisciplinary approach led to the conception of innovative solutions.

  4. ASTÉROÏDE Technology: One of these innovative solutions resulting from his research at the Business Science Institute is ASTÉROÏDE, a revolutionary technology. ASTÉROÏDE offers an instantaneous, simple, and cost-effective method to transfer property rights of a real estate, eliminating the need for a traditional notary in this process. This technology transforms how real estate transactions are conducted and perceived.

  5. Digital Trust Revolution: Cyril Vidal presented ASTÉROÏDE as a revolution in the domain of digital trust. It goes beyond mere evolution by providing an open-source solution. This approach allows any software developer to integrate ASTÉROÏDE freely into their own systems to address trust issues among users. Thus, ASTÉROÏDE embodies a major transformation, where digital trust is restored and enhanced through this innovative technology.

In summary, Cyril Vidal shared the conclusions and advancements from his doctoral work conducted at the Business Science Institute, presenting an ambitious vision where the traditional notarial function is reinvented to adapt to the era of digital trust, thanks to ASTÉROÏDE technology.

For Dr. Vidal, this represents a significant revolution in how trust is established and maintained in real estate transactions, offering substantial potential for innovation and transformation across the industry.


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