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Treaty of socio-economic management. Theory and practice (editions EMS)

Traité de management socio-économique. Théorie et pratiques

Henri Savall, Véronique Zardet (Dir.)

EMS, 2021, 1312 p.

Book labelled by the Collège de Labellisation de la FNEGE (2022), in the category "Ouvrage de Recherche Collectif"


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Socio-economic management makes the requirements of humanism in professional life and sustainable economic prosperity compatible.

The result of half a century of research and experimentation in economics and management, this treatise is intended for management practitioners. It is illustrated with numerous cases from 2,015 companies and organizations from a wide variety of sectors and presents observed and measured results. Most of these chapters are written jointly by managers or executives of companies and organizations, and teacher-researchers or consultants involved in the pilot actions.

This book is the work of 193 authors, from 16 countries and 4 continents, practitioners or academics in management sciences and management. This reflects the diversity of national and sectoral contexts of socio-economic management applications. Some chapters situate this concept in relation to the major currents of current thought. The 113 chapters are written in the language of the authors, some in French, others in English or Spanish. Each chapter is preceded by summaries in these three international languages. They are grouped into 11 parts: 1) Socio-economic management; 2) Organization of the ISEOR research center; 3) Stimulating the development of SMEs; 4) Accompanying the development of medium-sized and large companies; 5) Leading public and parapublic service organizations; 6) Development strategies and CSR; 7) Management of human resources and human potential; 8) Management control; 9) Economics and management; 10) Epistemology and methodology of scientific research in management; 11) Connections: philosophical, sociological, geographic.

Socio-economic theory constitutes a "breakthrough innovation", both in terms of its conceptual contribution and the practical methods and tools of its applications. This global approach touches on the different functions of the company and its multiple problems. It provides a structured change management method, focused on stimulating Human Potential and on self-financing the development of the company or organization, thanks to the periodic recycling of hidden costs.

The preface signed by René Ricol shows the scope of socio-economic theory and management beyond the borders of the company. The book illustrates the international influence (47 countries) of the innovative and robust methods created and developed by the ISEOR team.

The book is coordinated by Henri Savall, President and Founder of ISEOR (Institut de SocioÉconomie des Entreprises et des Organisations), Professor emeritus in management sciences at IAE Lyon, and Véronique Zardet, General Director of ISEOR, Professor of management sciences at IAE Lyon - Université Jean Moulin. In 2001, they received the prestigious Rossi Prize from the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (Institut de France) for their work on the integration of social variables in corporate strategies. Both conduct numerous research-interventions each year in private and public companies and organizations in Europe and America. Henri Savall is the twentieth most influential author in management in the world (FNEGE 2016 study).


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