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TIME. Between science and creation

Time between science and creation

Michelle Bergadaà*

Collection "Les Grands Auteurs francophones

Editions EMS, 2020, 156 p.

Book labelled by the Collège de la FNEGE (2021) in the "Essay" category

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*Faculty member of the Business Science Institute.


The book narrates thirty-five years of an academic career in several countries and continents. The account is de facto selective of the events and social and scientific revolutions that led the author to her choice of research topics and actions. After defining the field and the academic worlds, the author presents the foundations of her research method, and then the different issues she examined. The deployment of four consecutive time frames serves as a red thread, and when this century begins with the digital revolution, the author seizes the ruptures of accelerated time and instantaneous decisions.

The reader discovers in this account a selection of concepts that clarify the complexity of a collective experience of academic ethics. It becomes possible to identify this "total social fact" - in the sense of Mauss - that is integrity and its hidden double: academic delinquency. Thus, the presentation of the profiles of knowledge delinquents and the identity roots of those who mobilize for academic integrity challenge the reader: where does he stand? By mastering the alphabet of the sciences of integrity, which draw on the sources of philosophy, ethics, sociopsychology, economics and... pragmatism, he will become a responsible actor. In turn, he will be able to contribute to the development of a true Academic Social Responsibility.

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