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The exploitation of cognitive rent by organizations. A methodological problem

Sébastien Bourbon

Associate Director of IFIC Real Estate Group

Expert at the Court of Appeal of Lyon

Doctor DBA, Business Science Institute


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Bourbon, S. (2022). L’exploitation de la rente cognitive par les organisations: Un problème méthodologique. La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, 315-316, 121-128.


Cognitive rent brings a competitive advantage to companies, provided they know how to exploit it optimally. Indeed, they find it difficult to do so because of their methodology of valuing knowledge in organizations. On the one hand, the methods resulting from theoretical modeling suffer from their too general, and therefore abstract, nature. On the other hand, techniques of valuing empirical knowledge reduce several areas of the cognitive rent. This article therefore proposes a more optimal methodology for exploiting the cognitive rent of organizations based on an abductive approach. It allows a constant dialogue between the coherence of the theoretical model and the operability of the empirical solutions.

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