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Public innovation and new forms of public management (La Documentation française)

Innovation publique et nouvelles formes de management public

Madina Rival, Angélina Armandy

La documentation française, 2021, 350 p.

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In recent years, the public sector has been promoting innovation by integrating new forms of management into its structural logic, which tend to rethink the organization and management of work in the field. This desire for innovation is essential: in order to rethink the public sector, from a conceptual as well as a practical point of view, it is necessary to introduce new forms of management, organization, and skills in order to make a break with the past. What forms does this public innovation take? What type of management is applied to the public sector? How can we innovate by rethinking the means of managerial interaction in the sector? In addition to providing answers to these questions, this book also presents the limits and difficulties of public innovation in this field, and provides a precise analysis of the means used to apply these new forms of public management.


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