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New challenges for academic research in management and strategy, by Hélène Delacour

Helene Delacour*

University Professor of Management

IAE Nancy - Lorraine University

*Faculty member of the Business Science Institute.


In this interview, Hélène de Lacour, professor at the University of Lorraine, discusses three major themes related to the future of academic research in the field of Management and Strategy.

The first theme is "Slow Science" and the "Open" approach. Hélène de Lacour emphasizes the importance of returning to the fundamentals of reasonable and thoughtful research, beyond simply publishing at a rapid pace. She highlights the significance of research that has a social and societal impact, advocating for taking the time to conduct thorough and thoughtful research.

The second theme discussed pertains to the ecological aspect of research. Hélène de Lacour sheds light on the challenges posed by frequent travels associated with academic conferences. She encourages rethinking our way of traveling and participating in academic events, for instance, by favoring less polluting transportation and organizing hybrid events to reduce our ecological footprint.

The third theme is "Publish or Perish". Hélène de Lacour reminds us that academic research goes beyond mere publication, and conferences play a crucial role in enabling socialization among researchers and idea sharing. She advocates for a thoughtful and restrained approach to conducting our research, emphasizing quality over the quantity of publications.

In summary, Hélène de Lacour urges to rethink our approach to research, making it more thoughtful, reasonable, socially impactful, and environmentally friendly. She underscores the importance of balance between scientific advancements, environmental preservation, and the social well-being of researchers.


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