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Management education in France. Identity, challenges and issues (Editions EMS)

Management education in France. Identity, challenges and issues

Alain Burlaud, Frank Bournois (Dir.)

Editions EMS, 2021, 456 p.

This book has been accredited by the Collège de Labellisation de la FNEGE (2022), in the Collective Research Work category

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This book is a reflection and an invitation to reflection. The scientific board, composed of eight professors, and thirty-five authors, all of whom play or have played an active role in the development of higher education and research in management, bear witness to the birth of an academic discipline and question its possible futures and their consequences for students, teachers and researchers, heads of institutions and employers.

They take a lucid and uncompromising look at the major issues of the day: national and international competition between institutions, the ways in which the higher education "market" is regulated by a strategic state but also by rankings and accreditations, the role of our education in France's diplomacy of influence, the relevance of research in terms of its impact on pedagogical and professional practices, the effects of the digital revolution, the opportunities and risks of the growing autonomy of institutions, as well as the resulting economic constraints, and, finally, the cost of studies and student debt. These questions are essential for knowledge, debate and action.

This is not a collection of anecdotes or disparate opinions, but a collective, documented and constructed approach, using the methods and concepts that the authors teach and practice, to better understand what management education has been, what it is and what it could become in all its facets and dimensions.

Who is this book intended for? Of course, our future colleagues, master's students, doctoral students, alumni, employers who feel the need to understand and dialogue with the academic world, including the grandes écoles, all those who have responsibilities in the implementation of a public policy of teaching and research in management, and of course all our colleagues.

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