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Entrepreneurial resilience in the face of adversity: a processual approach

Claude Gentile

Managing Director, BrainServe SA, Suisse

Docteur DBA, Business Science Institute

Caroline Mothe*


IAE Savoie Mont Blanc, France

*Faculty member of the Business Science Institute


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Gentile, C. & Mothe, C. (2022). Entrepreneurial resilience in the face of adversity: a processual approach. Review of Entrepreneurship.


To overcome adversity, the entrepreneur must demonstrate resilience. However, the way in which it is built remains an unknown phenomenon, whereas this understanding could help better dealing with it. The results from the analysis of twelve life stories show that an entrepreneur’s resilience process is broken down into phases (acceptance, resistance, resolution, recovery and personal development). Knowing the way in which the factors of the capacity for resilience intervene at each phase of the process makes it possible to enrich the literature on the process and provide keys to entrepreneurs for managing situations of adversity.

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